Hypertension & Values (HYVALUE) Study

Study Overview

The purpose of this research study is to test a patient-focused intervention to target stereotype threat, increase patient activation and improve medication adherence.

Prior research suggests the intervention we are testing is more effective among people who feel psychologically threatened, such as feeling like others are making negative judgments on the basis of race.

Your participation in our survey will help determine how providers’ implicit race associations influence the effect the intervention has on patient adherence to HTN medications.

Design and Participants

This project includes two study groups, including:

  • ~200 primary care providers from 3 health systems in Colorado and Mid-Atlantic States
  • 1,130 African American and white patients with hypertension who will be randomized to an intervention or control condition immediately before a visit with their primary care provider

Primary Care Provider Survey & IAT

Clicking on the link to the survey will direct you to a secure website that will measure your implicit race associations, using the Implicit Association Task, and ask you questions about your past training in cultural competency and your self-efficacy in caring for minority patients.

Time to complete the study: 10-15 minutes.

Confidentiality: Results will not be identified by name, clinic, or organization.

Login identifier: See your study materials & brochure.


Principal Investigator: Stacie Daugherty, MD, MSPH

Central Project Manager: Julie Maertens, PhD

Contact Study Administrators:

Site Investigators

Denver Health; PI: Rebecca Hanratty, MD
Project Manager: Suzanne Dircksen

Kaiser Permanente CO; PI: John Steiner, MD, MPH
Project Manager: Leslie Wright

Kaiser Permanente MAS; PI: Suma Vupputuri, PhD
Project Manager: Christine Truong

IRB Approval

Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board Approval #16-0510

KPCO IRB Approval #CO-15-2292

KPMAS IRB Approval #MA-16-131

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